New Design of the 4th Generation

 Jimu Parking Robot adopts the new patented design of center-positioned robot arms and differential driving units while the software and algorithm are also comprehensively optimized. In addition, Jimu Parking Robot has passed the acceptance test of CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection And Research Institute), ensuring operation of robots in parking lots.  


Adapt to Different Models

Jimu's unique design of two-piece parking robot could go underneath the vehicle, adapting to different wheelbase and driveshaft length with adjustable robot arms. With a maximum payload of 2.3t, Jimu Parking Robot is able to carry most of the passenger vehicles.  


No Need for Auxiliary Equipment

Unlike existing solutions, auxiliary equipments such as carrying boards, support frames of vehicles or combs are no longer needed, which will reduce the complexity and cost of renovating the parking lot.  


Fully Autonomous

Autonomous driving technologies are applied to Jimu Parking Robot to achieve accurate indoor positioning, obstacle avoidance, navigation and other functionalities.  


Robot Management System

The robot management system coordinates multiple robots through unified scheduling and optimized path planning, which effectively improves the operational efficiency and space utilization of parking lots. 







































JIMU'S Intelligent Parking Robots

based on Autonomous Driving Technology


Size               L1895 x W1142 x H110mm (Robot Arms Closed) 

Weight   500kg    Navigation Accuracy   ±10mm   

                      L1895 x W2270 x H110mm (Robot Arms Open)

Maximum Load   2.3T  Positioning Accuracy   ±20mm
Movement   Forward/Backward/Turn/Rotate/Sideways/Diagonal Maximum Speed   1.2m/s Barrier-Cross Height    3mm
Navigation   Lidar + Vision + Inertial  Maximum Acceleration   0.4m/s²  

Ground Adaptability    3mm/m²

Battery         60V/45Ah Maximum Slope   2° Communication   WiFi
Charging Type    Auto/Manul Driving Power   2400W  
Charging Time    140min Grip Power    1200W  




Product Value


Better Parking Experience

The driver can park the car in the transfer zone outside the parking lot and robots will take over the car for parking and pick-up. Drivers and passengers will no longer need to go into the parking lot, which can often be dim, muggy, poorly ventilated, with mixed traffic.  


Higher Operating Income

As the robot could move accurately in any direction, the passage width of parking lot and the vehicle spacing could be reduced, resulting in 30%-40% capacity increase on average depending on the layout of the parking lot, which will definitely improve the operating income.













Technical Specification