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Embedded Software Engineer 

1. Responsible for developing and testing the driver of embedded firmware, such as various sensors, RF equipment and peripheral storage equipment
2. Responsible for developing and testing various embedded firmware
3. Cooperate with hardware engineers and software engineers to design and develop new embedded platform and peripheral equipment

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electronics, computer science or relevant
2. Minimum 3-year working experience for Bachelor and 1-year working experience for Graduates
3. Abundant experience of operating system and designing embedded software, preferably with experience of debugging servo-system
4. Able to read and understand hardware schematic diagram
5. Proficient skills of communication



Hardware Engineer 

1. Responsible for hardware scheme formulation, schematic diagram design and PCB layout
2. Responsible for hardware test and reliability test
3. Responsible for board production and maintenance

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in microelectronics, electronics, electrical engineering or relevant others
2. Minimum 3-year work of Hardware development (the contest and lab experience in school are also considered) with experiences of independently board design and production
3. Familiar with the kernel architecture, bus and memory of general processor
4. Experience of designing complex circuit; familiar with ARM and FPGA design
5. Proficient in using instruments, Allegro and some other EDA tools
6. Candidates with development experience in robotics are preferred
7. Candidates familiar with chip design and application are preferred
8. Candidates familiar with assembly and C/C++ languages are preferred




SLAM Algorithm Engineer 




1. Responsible for the algorithm of robot localization and mapping

2. Responsible for implementing the systems of robot localization and mapping, perception and understanding, sensors integration (lidar, millimeter-wave radar, camera, GPS, IMU etc.)




1. Master or above, majoring in computer science, automation or relevant

2. Familiar with basic algorithm of 3D computer vision; proficient in one of the followings at least: 3D reconstruction, SLAM, sensors fusion, semantic segmentation

3. Familiar with Linux development; Minimum 2-year development experience of C/C++ program

4. Candidates with experience of mobile robot autonomous driving or ROS are preferred




Computer Vision Algorithm/Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer 




1. Responsible for research and development of cutting-edge technologies of computer vision algorithm and deep learning algorithm

2. Responsible for developing of objects (pedestrians, vehicles, OCR, general objectives) detection, classification, tracing and recognition, image understanding, image quality assessment and enhancement, video analysis etc.




1. Master or above, majoring in image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning and relevant

2. Deep research on deep learning, statistical machine learning, computer vision and optimal method

3. Familiar with the algorithm of objects (pedestrians, vehicles, faces, general objectives) detection, tracing and recognition

4. Familiar with the algorithm of image understanding (classification, segmentation etc.) and video analysis

5. Familiar with one of the followings at least with practical experience: CNN, RCNN, FRCNN, BOOST, SVM

6. Good coding capability; proficient in C/C++/Python/Matlab language; good capability of algorithm analysis and implementation

7. Candidates proficient in one of the following open-source frameworks of deep learning are preferred: Caffe, MxNet, Tensorflow, Cuda-convnet and Torch

8. Candidates with experience of robot or autonomous driving are preferred




Senior Mechanical Engineer 




1. Responsible for early stage product planning, data collection and technical feasibility analysis

2. Mechanical design following product ID. Output 3D and 2D drawings

3. Manage design review, simulation analysis, DFMA inspection, safety and reliability testing

4. Cooperate with electrical engineers to provide solution and support for EMI, ESD issues. Participate product assembly, testing and guarantee time to market

5. Assist the project leader to follow developing progress for sample build, trial production and massive production. Help to solve engineering issues during the production



1. Majoring in Mechanical, 5+ years working experience for Bachelor degree or 3+ years working experience for Master degree

2. Proficient in mechanical design tools such as Catia, AutoCAD, Solid works, PRO/E and other software

3. Familiar with plastic, die-casting, CNC, metal processing technology and surface treatment process, and familiar with metal materials properties

4. Have onsite equipment installation, tuning and testing capability

5. Experience in robot, industrial automation equipment and vehicle design industry are preferred